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      Sichuan Dexin Aviation Equipment Co.,Ltd. is located in Qingshen county, Sichuan province, where is nearby the famous Emei mountain, which is one of the national industrial counties. In 2016, Dexin officially listed on the new OTC market, became the first stock in the industry, stock code is 835638.

      Dexin has been awarded many certifications and honors, such as ‘The international quality management system certification ISO9001,’ ‘The certificate of national high-tech enterprises’, ‘The municipal engineering technology research center’, ‘The provincial high quality and reputation enterprise’, ’65 pieces of patents’ etc. Moreover, Dexin has attached great importance to R&D and product innovation in order to produce more advanced equipments that can improve customers’ productivity. 

      Our company is an integrated high-tech enterprise which includes the research and development, production and sales of sorting and conveying equipments for airport and logistics industry. Airport equipments include Airport electric baggage tractor, Air cargo container and pallet, Airport security basket cycling system, Luggage sorting and conveying equipment, Check-in conveyor, Lift platform, Trailer, Double chute. And logistics equipments include Telescopic belt conveyors, Drawer model conveyor, Cantilever parcel sorting machine, Dropping parcel sorting machine, Sliding shoe parcel sorting machine, Cross belt parcel sorting machine, Curve belt conveyor , Slope conveyor, Straight line conveyor, Roller conveyor, Multilayer conveyer, Logistics sorting system, Reversal plate, electric forklift, Electric tractor etc.

      We have remained long term relationships with airlines, airports and express parcel carriers and businesses with distribution centers or warehouse facilities. Our satisfied customers include China southern airlines, Air China, China eastern airlines, Tian jin airport, Guangzhou airport, Chongqing airport, Harbin airport, Yunda express, Yuantong express , Guotong express and kua-yue express etc.